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[.....:::::welcome in my diary:::::.....] The Princess Saljarii 


Welcome in my diary of fantastic magics and miracles. In this diary I main so here to observe it is necessary only my rules. As you already have noticed my name is Stella. I princess Saljarii. My hobby is purchases, walkings on shops and many other things connected with fine dresses. I love myself and I shall not allow whom or to offend me, and especially my appearance. You perfectly know that appearance for princess this most important in a life of princess. Well we shall throw not the necessary conversations and we shall pass to my rules.


Подробнее…Rule №1: It is my diary, I mean here main and I shall not allow to whom here obscenely to be expressed.
Rule №2: If somebody though time will hint at that that with my appearance that that not so, I promise that with gyxe you will leave with bruises and sores.
Rule №3: To observe all rules!

Time I here so I want to create artificial family But in this family characters from my favourite animated cartoon Winx will be accepted only!



Категории: My foreword
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понедельник, 1 августа 2011 г.
feechka-piksi The Princess Saljarii 09:26:22
As I love the feechka-piksi. We with her have passed so many different terrible, terrible histories, that now when I am near to her, I am overflown only with pleasure and love to my small piksi. I her love not simply as the friend, and as the sister. When I only think of her, I am overflown with love and pleasure)


Категории: Feechka-piksi, Amur, Love
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I love you Brenden!!! The Princess Saljarii 09:16:00
Ah. Love it so abruptly. In the whole days would sit and looked at this picture. I and Brenden so synchronize. I like when he looks at me and smiles. I like when he
embraces me the warm hands and presses me to the body. I like when we run together on a beach and as I love all that is connected to him. To be together with Brenden it is dream of any girl... I love you Brenden!!!


Категории: Brenden, Love
среда, 29 июня 2011 г.
Winx and Witch The Princess Saljarii 06:53:41
That was always interesting to me as Winx, and Witch one company has created. It always shook me. In both cartoon films such interesting history. I was surprised always with those that as so it is possible to think up much. And you as think what animated cartoon more interestingly?

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